Interview with German IMG Academy Student: David Weinstock

David Weinstock

Which city are you from and what made you decide to play football in Germany as a junior?
“I was lucky for being born and raised in Hamburg, a big city with numerous football teams. I have tried many sports like swimming, tennis, and martial arts before I decided to try out football at the age of 12 or 13. “

How did your hear about IMG Academy, and what made you decide to go there?
“Hearing about IMG Academy was actually just an accident. I wanted to do a High School Year in the States, and take the chance to obtain some valuable football knowledge. Then, my Mom and me accidentally found the IMG website which looked pretty awesome to us.”

What differences do you now see between America Football in Germany and American Football in the US?
“From my very first week at IMG, I knew ‘This is a whole new level’. Honestly, in my opinion compared to the US, in Germany there is a quite big lack of professional football knowledge. But maybe that is just my impression, because I am not comparing German football with an average high school, but with IMG’s coaching staff.”

Would you say that IMG Academy has helped you as a student and as an athlete?
“IMG definitely improved my athletic attributes by far, as in the first month of practice I learned more than in 3-4 years in Germany. As a student, I learned a lot about discipline, with IMG’s pretty strict rules.”

Would you recommend IMG Academy to other German and/or European student athletes?
“For other German athletes, who want to go to College in the US, I would definitely recommend IMG Academy to improve their football skills and build up a better physique.”

Do you have intentions of continuing your education at the college level in the U.S. and if so, has attending IMG Academy helped your chances of being accepted to a division 1,2 or 3 U.S. college/university?
“The coaches from Western Kentucky said they really liked me.  

I’m going to be a senior next year at IMG.  I am looking forward to show my best possible performance in the spring bowl and next years season to get some more attention from College coaches.” 

Who is your favorite NFL player and favorite NFL or college team?
“My favorite NFL Players are Kasim Edebali and Demarcus Ware, while my favorite NCAA team is the Ohio State Buckeyes.”

Thanks David!  
We wish you luck for the 2015 football season and will be following your progress.

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