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“EE-Sports Recruiting “(European Elite-Sports Recruiting): is an opportunity to help make the dreams and aspirations of young athletes become reality.  The secret of success in all aspects of life is wisdom and experience.  Most of us battle our whole lives against the odds just to learn in the end that it was ourselves that we were battling all along.  Many people run out of time before this lesson is finally learned.  

Let “EE-Sports Recruiting” help you to make the right choice the first time through. 

Our Philosophy

What does it take to earn your trust?

Most of us don’t have someone to tell us if the choices we make are right or wrong, and if we do, then the battle comes down to trusting that person(s) opinion,

“What has this person done in life to know that their choice is the right one?”

Trust is the most powerful word in life.  Trust is what we need before we can make any kind of decision.  If it’s not a question of trusting others, then it’s the questioning of trusting ourselves….

“EE-Sports Recruiting” is a company that is based purely on that idea.  We have years of experience in the world of decision making towards reaching your athletic goals.  Our team of elite athletes, coaches and players have a complete knowledge base and direct experience of the entire world of sports, from elementary age kids all the way to adult professional levels, in many countries throughout the world including USA and Germany, with local contacts in several European countries as well.  Combined we have over 100 years of high level, athletic experience and learned best practices.

Let us help you learn to make the right decisions based on your needs and our experience.

“Because we’ve been there before.”