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Attend IMG as a full-time student:

-Interested in Attending IMG Academy as a full-time student?  We can make that happen and give you all the info you need.

Attend an American High School or College:

-European students attending High School/college in the US
-Through our large network of elite athletes, coaches, and US exchange organizations, we have connections to many different high schools and universities located all over the US

Foreign Player Consulting:

-European Athletes looking to come to Germany or another European country to continue their sports career
-US Adult Athletes who are looking to come to Europe to continue their sports career

An athlete needs to know what they are getting themselves into.
Let “EE-Sports Recruiting” help.  Our large network of athletes have played for teams all over the world and have direct experience with many teams and lifestyle changes in many countries.
Professional experienced advice on:
-What to expect

-How much should you be paid
-Cultural Differences

Youth/Adult Football Camps

Let “EE-Sports Recruiting”
-put a camp on for you
-help you plan your camp
-provide experienced coaches for your camp

Bring IMG to your school/team

-Invite “IMG Academy” to come to your Team/Club to put on an IMG player/coaching clinic, and bring coaches with collegiate and NFL playing and coaching experience.

Coaching Clinics:

-Modern Coaching Consulting
Football has changed a lot since the days of leather helmets.  “EE-Sports Recruiting” will help teach you the newest techniques from top level modern-day-football coaches and teach you how to exploit “old fashion” coaching strategies and have a huge advantage over your opponents.

-Management Training
Leadership and good management are essential to creating an organized football team.  A football coach needs to be seen as a role model and can’t make mistakes which lose a players trust.  Let “EE-Sports Recruiting” teach you tips and tricks to keep your practices exciting and players having fun.

-Coaching Services
Let us help you find the right coaches to coach your team.


Become an “EE-Sports Recruiting” Approved Athlete
We offer our database of elite athletes to hundreds of teams throughout Europe.  European teams are looking for European Athletes as well as American Athletes.  If you are interested in playing in another country (paid or unpaid) we can help find you a team or connect you with one of your choice.

Become an “EE-Sports Recruiting” Approved Coach
Are you a coach looking for a new team in Europe?  Let “EE-Sports Recruiting” help.  Become one of our approved elite coaches and let “EE-Sports Recruiting” support you in your search for a new team. 

Become an “EE-Sports Recruiting” Partner Team
Are you a Football team looking for Elite European players (paid and unpaid)?  Many teams can benefit from European player, not only from Americans.  Fill out our Team form and let “EE-Sports Recruiting” help you find the right players for your organization.



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