Study Abroad at a US High School or College

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There is a huge demand for European high school and college students in the US!

EE-Sports Recruiting (European Elite-Sports Recruiting): wants to help you reach your athletic and academic goals by placing European students into US high schools and Colleges!

What we offer:
-A detailed program which will save you costs and still help you reach top level D1 schools.
-A database of all Top Ranked US NAIA and NJCAA (stepping stone) colleges.
-A database of top ranked US high schools.
-Connections to US exchange organizations and hundreds of schools.
-A network of experienced US and European based players and coaches to help you the entire way.

Attend a US High School:
European-Elite: a Germany based company, has partnered with several US exchange organizations including “Education One”, “Face the World”, as well as the world renowned “IMG Academyin Bradenton Florida, and has connections to several other top ranked athletic US High Schools; offering I-20, F-1 and J-1 Visas to place students into US high schools throughout the entire USA based on your choosing. (limited to host family availability)
Program prices starting at 7000€*.  Price includes visa/host family/insurance (*programs prices may vary depending on specific school options.)

Attend a US College:
There are many different colleges which play different levels and division.  There are different ways to attend a US college and cheaper ways of reaching the higher division. With the direct experience and collected knowledge of our  large network of high level, elite athletes, we can help you to find the best ways to reach your academic and athletic goals, by following a simple plan which will save you thousands of dollars.   Let EE-Sports Recruiting help you identify the correct path for you.
Program prices starting at 500€

For more info please email us at:
  Like us on Facebook: EE-Sports Recruiting

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